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How Deep Can you go?

How long can you hold your breath for?

Find out what are you capable of.

Freedive Mexico offers a range of courses from AIDA, SSI and APNEA TOTAL and adventure dives for all levels and needs with focus on safety and, of course, fun!

*No need of any previous experience to start your adventure.

*Courses and certifications recognised internationally so you can continue with your education

*All Courses include material, transportation and entrance fees.


Experience new sensations and dive free, gliding trough the water almost weightless just holding your breath.

Come learn basic breathing exercises and equalization in the magical cenotes!

Ideal if you don't have time to complete a course or to give a great gift experience.

A “Freedive Taster”.

*As an introductory experience, there's no certification on this activity.

Course Content

Introduction to freediving
Basic breathing exercises
Basic Equalization
Max depth  -10m

Duration and Price

Duration: 1 day

Price: 125 USD


This is your chance to experience what freediving is all about.

Learn the appropriate skills and freedive safely to depths up to 20m.

Find out how to breathe better and more consciously and discover how long you can hold your breath for in our static session.

Learn the "psychology" of freediving and how to relax, how to be aware of your body whilst learning  the proper fining and body positioning in order to make you streamlined and improve your experience in the water.

* We always use confined water, pool sessions, in all our courses, as "simulators of depth" in order to prepare your technique and adaptation progressively. Our formula, breath hold - pool - open water  allows you to feel confident by the time you attend your open water sessions.

You will be surprised how natural it feels!

Course Content

Freediving Theory
Breathing Technique
Equalization Methods

Relaxation Aproach - The "Psychology" of Breath Holding

Phisiology of Freediving

Breath Hold Session - Static

Confined Water Session -Underwater Swimming Practice

Open Water Sessions - Cenotes or Sea

Full Body Stretching

Duration and Price

Duration: 2 to 3 days

Price: 320 USD



Course Content

Intermediate Freediving theory
Advanced Equalization Methods

Training tables - CO2 and O2

Free Fall and body positioning

Thoracic "Lung" Stretching

Breath Hold Session - Static

Confined Water Session -Underwater Swimming Practice

Open Water Sessions - 4 -Cenotes or Sea
Max depth  -30m


Duration and Price

Duration: 3 days

Price: 350 USD

Are you ready to go deeper?

Freedive MX will present you new skills that will improve your technique and help you to conserve more oxygen, such as free fall, advanced equalization and training tables.

This course will help you dive up to 30m in an efficient and safe way.

It includes breath holds sessions and a specific thoracic stretching session that will improve your chest flexibility.

Learn also to design your own training session.



This is the ultimate specialist deep freediving course and will equip you with the proper knowledge to take you into the deep blue to depths of up to 40m, well beyond what was once thought unreachable.

In this four days course you will learn the advanced equalization technique called mouthfill used by most deep freedivers and exhale diving techniques, tools that will iincredibly improve your experience and pressure adaptation and that will build the bases of your deep training.

Advanced lung stretching session included.

Course Content

Advanced Freediving theory
Mouthfill Equalization Method 

Exhale Dives Practice

Advanced Thoracic "Lung" Stretching

Nutrition For Freediving

Breath Hold Session - Static

Confined Water Session - Underwater Swimming Practice

Open Water Sessions - 4 -Cenotes or Sea
Max Depth  -40m

Duration and Price

Duration: 4 days

Price: 420 USD



Got the Bug?

Do you have what it takes?

Become a Freedive Instructor internationally recognised and teach the sport that you love!

Freeediving is a growing activity with lots of jobs opportunities worldwide.

The Instructor Course is the highest level of training aimed to take everything you have learned and prepare you with professional teaching skills.

Inspire others to immerse themselves in the world of freediving.

Course Content

Duration and Price

Here you will learn all the skills necessary to

teach freediving professionally, including:

Instructor Training Theory
Instructor Training Skills Development

Instructor Training Workbook and Lecturing

Practical and Written Accessments

*The Intensive Program Includes One Week of Preparation Including Equalization Clinics, Depth and Pool Training where you will have the chance to practice and get ready for your IC.

Option 1

Instructor Course Only

Duration: 7 to 10 days

Price: 925 USD + Kit 250 USD


Intensive Preparation Program Plus Instructor Course

Price: 2200 USD + Kit 250 USD


Practice makes "Perfect"

Practice with your qualified Instructor to improve new skills or to further improve your depth.

At Freedive Mexico we believe in learning trough adaptation due to repetition.

Adding Freediving tranining sessions will refine aptitudes by making you more conscious and progressively confortable. 


90 USD Per Session

*Training sessions can be done in cenotes or in the ocean under request.

*For more details on cenote tours and other experiences please check "experiences" tab.

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