All our courses are taught directly by South American Freedive Champion and presenter of TV series APNEIA, Flavia Eberhard with over 10 years of experience with freediving and 9 records under her belt.


Flavia has worked as an international model for most of her life until she found her real passion under the sea.


She then decided to dedicate all her time in to becoming first a scuba then technical diver until she came across freediving, a sport that would change completely her life.

"Freediving tought me to trust my instincts, to breath better, to be more aware, to learn about my physical and emotional body and most importantly, to redefine my limits and to step out of my confort zone. Freediving for me is much more than a sport, It is my passion, it is where I feel free and where I do not have to be anywhere else but present or anyone else but my real self.


Freediving is an intimate and natural way to connect to nature and to understand how fragile and how strong we are at the same time." 


After years in training, teaching and competing Flavia achieved several records including the deepest South American female in one of the disciplines.


Flavia was then invited to film a series for an extreme sport's Channel, Canal OFF TV about freediving on the best places around the world.

Was during the shooting of the series that she encounter the magical scenery and conditions of freediving in Mexico and decided to set Tulum as her base where she founded her recent school Freedive Mexico.

Besides being a competitive freediver, Flavia Eberhard is one of the few instructors in the world capable of teaching courses from three of the best freediving institutions, AIDA, Apnea Total and SSI, all the way to instructor level and she takes the best of her experience to share with you.

Flavia is also an AIDA freediving judge, technical and rescue scuba diver and Emergency First Responder instructor.

Flavia has also been a YOGA teacher for many years and brings many of this elements to help you with your focus, breathing, flexibility and self-awareness.

She is also an embassador at IAMWATER conservation and believes in the power of education to preserve our oceans' future and our own.

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