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Have you ever wanted to be more comfortable in the water, to be able to enjoy more the incredible underwater world, to redefine your limits or to dive into a new activity?

Freediving or apnea is the he most natural and antique form of diving by only holding your breath, without the help of artificial apparatus.

Freediving inspires you to live in the moment by helping you to calm the mind and truly connect to yourself.

With the techniques you will learn with Freedive Mexico you will breath more consciously and be more aware of your own body. This knowledge you will be able to use not only for freediving but to apply on your everyday life.

In our courses, tours and  fundives you will experience a range of new sensations that will open the doors to a new universe.

Join us and discover a new world flying in the sea on a single breath.


Premium Location - Premium  Guidance

Freedive Mexico is the first Freediving School in Tulum, Mexico offering courses all the way from beginners to instructor level, located in the heart of the beautiful Riviera Maya, in the Caribbean Sea.

Very well located in Tulum, here you will find very close by various places perfect for the practice of this sport. 

From crystal clear fresh water cenotes to turquoise Caribbean Sea and a diverse range of marine encounters you can be certain that we will take your breath away.

Our School provides provides AIDA, SSI and Apnea Total courses, workshops, tours, freediving trips and experiences and we can plan you training specifically tailored for your needs.

The courses are led by South American Freediving Champion and Yoga Teacher Flavia Eberhard who has over ten years of experience with freediving and has coached various professional athletes and champions all over the world and taught various freediving teachers.

*You do not need any previous experience to start freediving with us.

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